About me.

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Nikki Bell MinstF(Cert)

You’re probably wondering who I am, and like a true fundraiser you’ve come to find out more.  Star move.

I began my fundraising career the same way many of us do, by accident.  I volunteered for a corporate community team, signed up for a trek across the Jordan desert and 3 months and £3k later I was hooked.

My first fundraising job was for St Oswald’s Hospice, recruiting through their door to door and telephone campaigns. I’m a keen learner and was buzzing to find the third sector was passionate about upskilling and sharing expertise.  Just nine months in I’d successfully completed the Institute of Fundraising Certificate in Fundraising and progressed to managing the very team I’d joined earlier that year.  I led a team of 15+ fundraisers for almost three years and was also responsible for the Hospice’s lottery and regular giving campaigns.

I joined the British Heart Foundation (BHF) in 2016 as their North East Fundraising Relationship Manager, specialising in volunteer and corporate fundraising.  I’ve had great success at the BHF, increasing regional income by over 300% and generating 200% of expected corporate income.  I am currently seconded to the role of Fundraising Brand Campaign Project Manager until spring 2018.

I’m a newly recruited member of Toastmasters which teaches brilliant public speaking, communication and leadership skills.  I’ll be putting these skills to the test at the 2018 Yorkshire and Scottish IoF Conference where I’ll be delivering my session on finding and building community relationships.  Springsteen themed, of course.  Come along!

And on the subject of IoF conferences, I am currently Chair for the North East Fundraising Conference and volunteer on the North East Institute of Fundraising Committee.

I’d love to hear from you so hit me up via the ‘Get in Touch’ page.  I’m always game for a chat and the brews are always on me.

Gan canny.*




*take care


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