About me.


Nikki Bell MinstF(cert)

You’re probably wondering who I am, and like a true fundraiser you’ve come to find out more.  Star move.

I love Bruce Springsteen, pizza and the beautiful, sun streamed cobbled streets of little Italian towns, but you’re probably only interested in the fundraising bit right now so here it goes…

I began my fundraising career the same way many of us do, by accident.  I volunteered for a corporate community team, signed up for a trek across the Jordan desert (as you do), and I’ve not stopped since.


I’ve been a telephone, door to door and community fundraiser before managing the in-house face to face team at St Oswald’s Hospice alongside their individual giving and telephone campaigns and their associated strategies.

I joined the British Heart Foundation in 2016 as their ‘fundraising relationship manager’ and won the ‘Rising Star’ award out of 200 other fundraisers not long after. During my time at the BHF I’ve also been responsible for the roll-out of their brand refresh within their fundraising campaigns and materials.

“probably the epitome of donor love in the UK”, changefundraising.com

Public speaking

I’m a member of the Newcastle public speaking training group, Toastmasters , and feature as a speaker on www.greatcharityspeakers.com as well as the ‘top 20 speakers’ list for National Convention 2018.  I’ve spoken at the Institute of Fundraising’s National Convention and Yorkshire conference on the importance and fundraising possibilities of building strong supporter relationships, and will be delivering training in Newcastle, Scotland and Slovakia in 2018 on the same subject; plus Fundraising Live 2019 on digital fundraising.

Supporting others

I’m a member of, and volunteer for, the North East Institute of Fundraising committee and organised the North East’s first ever fundraising conferences in 2017 and 2018.  I am now on the Institute of Fundraising’s National Fundraising Convention Board (#IoFFC) looking after the community, events and volunteering track; if you have an amazing idea you’d like to share at the event, I’d love to hear from you!

I love the sector for its willingness to share and help other fundraisers and I’m keen to give back where I can.  I provide training and fundraising support for other charities, so far I have:

  • conducted the fundraising review and developed the strategy and restructure plan for Children North East’s diversification plans
  • mentored fundraisers to increase income or achieve progression goals
  • developed training in video for fundraising for The Children’s Society and Rob Woods’ Bright Spot Members club
  • (coming soon) developed an online community fundraising training course with changefundraising.com

This is just a snippet and is of course, all about fundraising.  But as great fundraisers we know connections are important and it goes way beyond what I can put here, so drop me a line and let’s get together for a brew next time you’re in the Toon.

Gan canny.

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